“I like the fact that I work for a company that does something to help save people on the job.”

Joe Flaherty

“Our leadership connects with everyone on a personal level and encourages us to reach greater achievements. There isn’t any red tape involved to implement new ideas or assist employees. It is a big family here and I look forward to coming to work each day. “

Amy Caldwell

“This is such an upbeat, positive atmosphere. I love working in a place that celebrates our individualities.”

Jessica Thumas

“I enjoy holding a position that utilizes my problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. I also appreciate that our inclusive culture involves everyone helping each other.”

RJ McCown

“This is unlike any job that I have had before. It has a fun, non-traditional environment that makes you look forward to coming into work and enjoy the time you spend here. I feel like I am working for a company that has a purpose and that I am an important part of that journey.”

Justin Bilodeau

“There is a community and culture within our doors that is unrivaled by anywhere else I have ever worked. This is an environment of support, positivity, wellbeing and empowerment.”

Shawn McMahon

“The culture here at Safety Services Company has proven to me that with hard work comes great fun! I enjoy building lasting relationships with my clients, beyond daily business. I know our clients rely on me to do my job so they can provide opportunities for their employees.”

Danica Ryff

“I am fortunate to come to work where I feel a sense of belonging. Every day is unique, and I have created many valuable friendships and memories during my many years here.”

Eric Cotton