Documentary to detail workplace injury/death

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Mike Rich

A new documentary scheduled to release this month will examine the first-hand impact of occupational injury and death.

The film, Before Day’s End, was commissioned by the CL AC, an independent labour union, and provides first-hand accounts from victims and family members of five separate workplace accidents.

“I never had a meaningful conversation with him after that day,” says a father whose son was pinned and suffocated by a malfunctioning lift, leading to a coma, and eventually, death. “There was a point in time where I guess my prayers might have turned from ‘Let’s get him back’ to ‘Let’s let him go.’

“I can’t take that day back, I cannot reverse time”, says a young man who was seriously injured on a job site.

As the film progresses, its message becomes clear: There is much in our lives and our work that we take for granted. This poignant documentary helps its viewers become conscious not only of daily blessings, but of the importance of following safety precautions and of exercising care when working.

In Canada more than 25,000 accidents and 2,000 deaths are reported in the construction industry each year.

Film Releases: September 3, 2012 on

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