Heat illness takes life of construction worker

Officials in Arizona are citing heat-related illness as the possible cause of a death of a 44-year-old construction worker.

According to witnesses the man was working on a contract for a Tucson area Costco, which called for him to construct a barrier for a propane tank near the stores’ tire shop.

The man was working in temperatures that hit 106 degrees and had symptoms of heat-related illness prior to his collapse, officials said.

Symptoms of heat-related illnesses include weakness, excessive sweating, dizziness, near fainting or fainting, vision issues, headache and muscle cramping.

Crews worked to revive the man for more than 20 minutes but were unsuccessful, Goldberg said.

It is important when working in high temperature environments to take regular brakes and drink plenty of water.

To protect employees from heat related illness we developed our heat illness prevention training program.

For more information call 877-201-8923.


1 thought on “Heat illness takes life of construction worker

  1. Extreme heat needs to be taken seriously for people spending long amounts of time outdoors, especially if they are working and wearing heavy safety apparel. Workers need to have permission to take numerous breaks and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

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