Three years of heat related deaths detailed

Each summer 25 employees die and hundreds of others are injured by extreme temperatures.

It is numbers like these that have led to the creation of nationwide heat illness prevention programs by OSHA and the implementation of laws in Washington and California that require employers to train employees on hazards of high heat environments.

The below graph and map break down the data of U.S. heat deaths the past three year.

The graph demonstrate how high temperatures and heat deaths are tied together. The map provides geographical location of deaths and detail of incident. To bring up incident details click on the icons.


These graphics are a grim reminder of the importance of educating employees on heat related illness.

For help creating heat illness prevention programs call 877-201-8923.



3 thoughts on “Three years of heat related deaths detailed

  1. That is a great interactive map. The stats shown on the map are very disappointing. However it is effective at visually displaying the correlation of heat and injuries from extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, the heat related deaths still take place in the workplace today, so hopefully this visual demonstration will make it very clear for workers how high temperatures and heat deaths are tied together.

  2. Great article, thanks. The following stats aren’t strictly related but I thought they may be useful as a quick comparison.

  3. Sorry, here is the link:

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